Jaartraining – Program for Corporate Culture Facilitators

Program for Corporate Culture Facilitators

With an increasing corporate focus on investing in an attractive corporate culture, we see a growing number of consultants, individuals and corporates being interested in working or starting to work on cultural transformation programs in organizations.

To that purpose, we have developed a whole system change facilitator training program on how to implement and foster a lasting cultural transformation within an organization. It is organized as a 5-module 1-year elapsed program, covering all the various features we believe are instrumental to making a cultural implementation program successful.

This training is open for all consultants, business school master students, leaders and corporate team members, business school master students,  who wish to further develop cultural expertise as leader, cultural transformation agent or cultural facilitator.

Whereas the first two modules (6-days) are standard, the remaining modules can be followed on a stand-alone basis, if so preferred.

A special program can be developed for business schools in order to align to the business school program schedule.

Special-purpose inhouse training programs covering some of the modules can be organized in/for organizations implementing corporate culture change programs, based on their needs during the program and to train dedicated staff or leaders.

Overview of the 5 Modules 

Implementing the New Paradigm on cultural transformation – a shift from “I” to “we”, from self-interest to the common good, from being the best in the world to the best for the world –

  • Introduction to Cultural Transformation (2 days)
  • The New Paradigm Organization (4 days)
  • The New Paradigm Leader (4 days)
  • The New Paradigm Team (4 days)
  • The New Paradigm Human Being (4 days)

A brand new website with all detailed information will be launched in autumn 2020. Due to Covid, postponed to 2021.


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